Services and Fees

The foundation for effective therapy is the relationship between client and therapist. My role is to first listen and understand, and then help you identify your roadblocks to getting the life you want. You remain the expert on your life, but I offer a safe place to share thoughts and feelings without judgment and provide an objective perspective on your situation. While I will help you to identify areas for change and provide concrete, effective ideas for improvement, I recognize the complexity of the problems you face and the fact that there are often no easy solutions. I will never rush you to make a decision or take action before you are ready, but will help you to explore your options and find renewed energy to tackle your difficulties head on. Together we can create real, meaningful change.

As a generalist, I work with a wide variety of problems and concerns. I work with adults and adolescents seventeen and older. Some examples of issues I have successfully worked with include: 
  • Men's issues
  • Sexual concerns
  • Career indecision and other work-related stresses 
  • Deciding whether to stay in a relationship 
  • Marital and relationship difficulties when only one partner is coming to therapy
  • Financial issues (such as over- or under-spending)
  • Spiritual and religious concerns
  • Anger control
  • Stress management
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Panic attacks and agoraphobia
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty feeling connected or finding meaning in life
  • Alienated and cut-off family relationships

Call me at 720-263-1185 or e-mail me to arrange an appointment at Day and evening appointments are available Sunday through Wednesday.

Initial Consultation:
I provide a free 20 minute phone or in-person consultation for new clients. In order for you to get the most out of therapy you need to feel a good connection or "fit" with your therapist. Although I work effectively with most people and have helped many to improve their lives, I recognize that no therapist can be right for everyone. This meeting gives us a chance to get to know one another, discuss what you are hoping to get out of therapy, and explore how we can work together to accomplish your goals. If I am not quite the right fit for you, I am happy to help you find another therapist who matches better with your personality and needs.

Individual Therapy: $150.00 per 50-55 minute session in my office.

I recognize that my full fee is not affordable for everyone which is why I offer a sliding scale for families with incomes up to $100,000 a year. See my Mandatory Disclosure for details.

Online Therapy: For Colorado residents I am happy to offer remote sessions using secure HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software. There is no additional cost to you beyond my normal $150 per session rate. If you live outside of Colorado and would like to meet with me please contact me so I can research telehealth laws in your state.

Discernment Counseling: $300 for initial intake (includes two 20-30 minute phone appointments, one with each partner, PLUS a two-hour session in my office). Additional sessions are $225 for 90 minutes.This is designed to be a short term process of only one to five sessions.

Career Testing and Assessment: Determined on a case-by-case basis depending on what assessments are provided, number of sessions, and what additional services are needed.

Payments and Insurance:
Clients may choose to pay by cash, check, or credit card at the time of service.  

I am contracted directly with Medicaid, Medicare and Triwest Community Care. I also accept Victims Compensation payments.If you are not covered by those insurers my services might be covered by your out-of-network benefits and I will provide the documentation you need for that, but I will require full payment up front. I am happy to discuss with you the benefits vs. drawbacks of using insurance for mental health care.